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I specialize in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.  It is an amazing modality  to  clear puffy tissues for more effective work when a client needs Deep Tissue, Sports and Therapeutic massage, or if they are recovering from surgery.   I work with a wide variety of very active clients as well as those who are recovering from motor vehicle accidents, surgery or chronic pain.  My experience as a runner and sports enthusiast helps me connect with those trying to stay active through all stages of life. 

Additionally my training in Advanced Myo-fascial Release and my experience working in the medical community assisting clients recovering from surgery, car accidents or chronic pain allows me to address a wide variety of issues.   I offer a personalized session allowing you the chance to recover, heal and rejuvenate.

Through the use of a variety of massage modalities, my goal is to integrate each session into a cohesive, therapeutic experience.  You can expect to receive a relaxing yet invigorating massage.  I use light gentle lymphatic drainage to clear tissues, fast-paced circulatory massage, slower deep tissue release in combination with stretching and use of acupressure points to address what you need.  No need to pick and choose ad-ons, or select from an ala carte menu.  I use the techniques that you need to provide the most effective session for you.

If you are active, recovering from surgery, need specific pain relief, or are just plain worn out this is the place for you.  And even if you don't choose me as your therapist, choose someone.

Located off 38th street at 3810 Medical Parkway Suite 232-234 one block West of Lamar.  Plenty of parking! 












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