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Testimonials LDT

Below are statements from some of my clients about how Lymphatic Drainage has helped them. 

*I've been raving about you.  Your massage has had a much bigger impact than my experience with steroid injections and acupuncture so far.  Hard for me to descirbe the sense of release exactly, but I feel much more aware of where the pain actually is, what actions trigger it, and looser to do more movement confidently. 

A.D. New Client June, 2021

*Tana introduced me to lymphatic massage. At first I thought nothing was being done but I would walk away feeling renewed in a completely different way. Lymphatic Massage with Tana has become a huge part of managing my inflammation and has become integral to my personal health care system. I'm incredibly grateful to Tana and her intuitive and whole body/mind integral approach to her practice. I always walk away learning something new and feeling more actively in control of my health. 

-T. Hall Client since 2011

*I am a believer in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy as practiced by Tana. I have experienced good results especially in the case of the relief of swelling and stiffness in my right hand after shoulder surgery. I saw immediate dramatic results. I have come in for massage with swelling and stiffness to the point of being unable to remove my ring and at the end of the session being able to easily pull the ring off and flex and use my hand.

-T. Hamlett Client since 2011

*Tana Rogers is especially skilled in several aspects of what I think of as "body therapy."  She can fix aches and pains you report to her, teach you exercises to help prevent them, and find things you didn't know were hurting/stiff/cranky and make them better using all the familiar  massage tools - acupressure, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, etc.  I was already a big fan when I had localized facial surgery and she suggested Lymphatic Drainage Therapy for help with the inevitable swelling.  Brief sessions of LDT, focused on the affected area, had a truly dramatic effect.  I could see the results immediately, and when the surgeon examined me at the one-week post-op mark, he was surprised and impressed at the speed with which my face had healed. This prompted me to ask for more LDT.  From my own experience with Tana's practice of this technique, I can report headache relief (immediate), and improvement of the general "puffy all over" feeling I sometimes have.  That relief is immediate and also persists.  After a full-body session of LDT (30-35 minutes, usually, of a longer massage appointment), I feel lighter, more flexible, springier - just better physically.  I love it.

-Dana. Client since 2015




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