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Lymphatic Drainage: Chikly Method: A very light modality which assists the flow of lymph from the interstitial space back to the circulatory system.  This is very helpful to reduce swelling, used pre- and post surgical, and can assist in pain reduction due to trauma. It's like changing the water in the flower vase to keep the flowers fresh. 

Myofascial Release: Picture the muscles covered in wrinkled Saran Wrap. Through the use of slow steady strokes the tissue is "ironed out" releasing restrictions between the muscle bellies and fibers.  This provides increased range of motion, and flexibility. My approach is to work well within the client's pain tolerance without ever forcing a release of the tissue.

Sports Massage:  Generally fast-paced, circulatory massage to assist in recovery after workouts and prevention of injury as a maintenance modality.  Sports massage may also include stretching, deep tissue work, and shiatsu techniques to aid in releasing sore or tight muscles.

Therapeutic Massage:  A combination of deep tissue, cross fiber friction and adhesion release techniques to help clients recover from chronic or acute injury. This may also include structural body work to balance the flexibility and strength of the body for increased level of performance and comfort. 

Reiki: A universal energy modality.  By simply placing the hands on the body at various points, energy travels through the practitioner and into the client. Assists in pain relief, emotional healing, deep relaxation and a fuller connection to the Spirit.

Please come 15 minutes early to your first session so we can talk about your specific needs.

Massage$125 / 90 minutes
Massage$95 / 60 minutes
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